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Providing health and welfare benefits has become increasingly expensive and complex in recent years. Medical and prescription drug costs are skyrocketing, while new regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, are difficult and costly to meet. At the same time, human resource budgets are being limited or reduced. Addressing such concerns while managing a dynamic workforce requires a greater investment of time and money for companies to remain competitive, meet shareholder expectations and retain talent. As a result, benefits need to be addressed in a more strategic and holistic manner than ever before— and with an expertise that goes beyond the traditional approach provided by many consultants and benefits brokers.

Solenture is the ideal business partner for today’s forward thinking businesses. It is our objective to understand the driving factors for your organizational success and proactively develop value-added solutions. Our analysts  human resource and other professionals partner with your organization to design, implement and manage your benefit needs. Solenture can support your benefit programs with strategic development, financial management, product placement, administration and risk management services.


We establish relationships with our clients. Rather than take a narrow project view, the purpose of our consultative approach is to clearly understand your needs based upon strategic developments. We identify opportunities to optimize the value to both management and employees and team with clients to implement the right solutions for you. We achieve results by regularly communicating with you, monitoring benefit plan performance, and continuously considering and developing plan, financial and service improvements and alternatives.

Solenture designs, implements and administers benefit programs to address both tactical and strategic directives, including:

  • Consulting on and evaluating program design and function within the context of business policies and goals;

  • Measuring plan performance and funding compared to budgetary and cost containment objectives; and

  • Identifying workforce needs and incentives to maximize performance.