C-Suite® is a human capital practice dedicated to providing superior rewards services to our clients by developing solutions that are uniquely crafted for their business.


From setting remuneration levels to identifying the right incentives and executive rewards; providing the right platform for your executives is essential to attracting and retaining talented human capital.  In addition, we build systems and processes that are effective tools for driving organizational and individual performance and increase the perceived value of your total rewards.  

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  • Board and executive consulting to develop your total rewards  platform

  • Communications and education designed to maximize the perceived value of leadership rewards and enhance management retention

  • Plan optimization solutions to maximize the perceived value of total rewards​

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  • Our Concierge Services provide a single point of contact for  communication, administration, and compliance assistance to executives and their families for all of your Total Rewards.  This drives an increased understanding of your programs, leading to appreciation and informed utilization

  • Our services can free up your HR staff's time to focus on strategy versus plan or participant support

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  • Robust reporting and modeling services to provide executive management and internal HR insight into executive behaviors and trends

  • Superior plan administration that provides first-in-class support to executives and board members and your HR Staff