Executive Family Office

As a leader at a successful organization, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’ve built your career and wealth, and now you need an experienced team that can cater to your specific financial planning needs. At Solenture, our job is to make growing and protecting your wealth simple.

As an extension of our C-Suite® Executive Office, Solenture’s Executive Family Office services provides wealth management assistance to owners and executives of private and public companies. These services include:

To have a successful retirement and be able to direct your wealth for the benefit of others requires planning.  Solenture helps their clients to develop a unique vision and philosophy regarding wealth and then assists with building the plans.
Solenture helps clients determine the allocation of their invested assets that best aligns with their needs and tolerance for risk.  We then access a network of investment firms that can deploy those assets into the market.
Often those that own and/or run businesses have spent their time moving between focused business activities and leisure activities to unwind.  Solenture can provide the services needed to continue a life where many of the needs are handled by others. Whether it is planning and coordinating tax advice, paying bills, travel or continuing to develop both the family and new businesses, Solenture has the resources to help.
Along with the accumulation of wealth comes the need to proactively and effectively balance risk. From establishing the appropriate way to own an asset to having the correct insurance to protect what is important to you, Solenture can assist in developing the program tailored to your own risk appetite and resources.

Let Solenture join you on your next venture.

Whether you’re looking to improve business processes, develop a transition plan, optimize employee benefits or create business or personal value, Solenture is here to help you achieve your goals.

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