Healthcare Solutions Group (HSG)

The Healthcare Solutions Group uses The Benefits of Innovative Thinking® to develop products and services in support of Healthcare Brokers, Third-Party Administrators, and Healthcare Consultants.

With a focus on developing and/or procuring unique solutions to serve niche group healthcare markets, Solenture leverages our existing network to meet the needs of partners and their respective clients.
As the ever-changing health care industry evolves, Solenture is prepared to venture with you to find the solutions best suited to meet client demand.

Partnering For Success

Healthcare solution sourcing and/or creation, can be time consuming and risky.  Allow Solenture to suggest a vetted solution to capture more opportunities while delivering the right solution for your clients. We will venture with you to create a new solution and leverage our network to increase your success.
We meet market demand through the application of niche group healthcare solutions designed to help clients that cannot adhere to traditional group healthcare requirements.  Often times, this is in conjunction with general agents, TPAs, or brokers that bring an expertise in these more traditional markets.  Together, we can address all of your clients' healthcare needs.
Solenture is solution-agnostic and committed to finding the right solution – regardless of the selection – to ensure unbiased advice to our partners.  We understand the best solution is the solution your clients can both afford and feasibly implement.

How We Help

For over six years, we have created, or procured, Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Minimum Value Plan (MVP) solutions to help our partners and their respective clients comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act regulations. Regardless of client's needs or circumstances - we have the solution.
To mitigate increasing healthcare costs, we assist our partners with ancillary solutions designed to improve the overall employee benefit package. Programs may include traditional ancillary programs (fully insured or self-insured), worksite benefits, telemedicine, prescription drug cost containment strategies, and more.  
When traditional markets do not meet your client's needs, Solenture can assist by leveraging our network to design a customized program. This allows our team to focus on due diligence, procurement, and execution while you focus on your client. 

Solutions and Partners


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